Victoria & Darren | Wedding

This wedding changed the way I look at Life


At a gradual walk, detail is observed in its complexity and its simplicity. The lungs gently empty and refill of the air they need, the daylight calmly settles on all it comes into contact with. The muscles of the body contract and relax as limb follows limb. Beauty can be paused, yet it can move with such fluidity it is a marvel.

Run with me now, to feel the energy course through our body. A blur of glowing light as the warmth pulses through our veins and loose locks stream through the open air in freedom. Unrestrained in our ability to move through all terrain as our connection keeps the foundation of strength and passion true.

Find the secret rhythm of your soul. Allow it to guide you as you move through time, listening to its poetic wisdom and dancing to its eloquent movements.



Victoria has been writing her own personal story of her battle with cancer on a site called Poppies & Epiphanies. Along with her new husband Darren, they have started a company called Imagine It which looks at living life to it’s full potential. Please show your support by joining the facebook page.


Dress was by Linda Davey at No9 Bridal Couture

Makeup by Jo Bilham

Melanie -

A beautiful bride and a very proud groom :) u made me cry James x

linda Davey -

I get these attacks where I just refuse
To pick myself up and carry on
I stop in my tracks, I shake in my shoes
My courage is gone, then I hear You say

Take Me by the hand, let Me lead you up
To a place
Where all of your tears subside
Take Me by the hand, let Me lead you out
Of this valley over to the other side

Rach -

What can I say?! Looking at these gave me goose pimples. What a beautiful set of images. The bride looks stunning! You’ve captured many tender moments, well done x

no9bridalcouture -

[...] The wonderful images James took of Darren and Victorias wedding can be viewed here [...]

Andy Gaines -

Been looking through your work James – These are great – Thanks for sharing.

James Melia -

Thanks Andy!

Diane Rivetti -

They look so happy, what beautiful photos!

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